The People for UKAJEDE Foundation has been running since 2004 and is a registered non-profit organization. The project was initially started by The Birchwood Hotel supporting 5 crèches in the local informal settlements in the East Rand. The area has become known as “UKAJEDE” which is an acronym for the 5 areas within the informal settlement – Ulana, Kanana, Angelo, Jerusalem and Delmore. Over the years the project has expanded to support 8 crèches, the main focus being  to provide a sustainable feeding program that ensures the children receive a daily cooked meal and a secure environment in which to learn.


The crèches are run independently, each having a principal, teachers and volunteers to support their operations. Through the help of volunteers from the Ukajede community, food is collected from the Birchwood Hotel and delivered on a weekly basis to the schools where teachers and volunteers prepare the food for the children. The project strives to assist the schools in maintaining their facilities where possible, and support them with toys and educational supplies.


The eight crèches are as follows, and together make up approximately 500 children:

  • Ulana Day Care  

  • Delmore Thembilihle Preschool                  

  • Happiness Preschool

  • Kanana Kiddies Day Care                                   

  • Kiddies Home                                        

  • Palesa Day Care

  • Angelo Twelepelo Crèche               

  • Jerusalem Community Crèche

Depending on availability of funds, the Foundation runs initiatives through the year to raise additional funds to address the children’s other needs  - A shoe drive; Warm clothes for the winter; Stationery; Educational toys and Christmas presents. Over the years we have been assisting the crèche owners with the maintaining of their old school structures however in an informal settlement environment, with limited resources, this is a difficult and costly task. We continue striving to improve the buildings as much as possible.

The Foundation also supports primary and high school children at Balmoral School. This is a semi- private school located in the informal settlement. The Foundation funds the school fees for 20 learners ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 12. These are learners coming from underprivileged homes who otherwise would not be able to attend school. Some are orphans and some come from child-headed homes. Many learners have made it through their schooling with the assistance of the project.