2021 Update

Thank you once again for all your support given to The People for Ukajede Foundation.


It has certainly been a difficult year for the world and obviously, the people living in poverty have to be remembered during these challenging times.


When the lockdown restrictions were imposed on South Africa in March 2020, unfortunately the crèches had to close. For seven months thereafter, the crèches were not allowed to reopen. During this time, many of the residents of Ukajede moved back to their home towns, and when the crèches reopened in October 2020, the number of children per crèche was much lower than before. The feeding initiative started up again, and we assisted the crèches with sanitizer stands, chemicals and cleaning equipment to be able to re-open in line with requirements of the Department of Social Development.


Before the lockdown, we started the project of building a new toilet for the Kiddies Home Crèche. They had approximately 100 children, and they were using a porta-loo for their ablution facilities. These are not ideal for small children as there is the risk of them falling into the toilet. The teachers were therefore using buckets for the smaller children in the outside open area, and they used a rusted old garden tap to wash their hands. We felt that giving this school a proper toilet facility was crucial. Sadly this project was interrupted by the pandemic, and we were only able to finish it off in November. We are happy to say that the toilet is fully functional, and it was so lovely to see the looks on their little faces when they realized what this new structure was. 


On another positive note, the children attending Balmoral school progressed well through the year, and 21 children were sponsored on the scholar program in 2020. As you can imagine, the children in these areas do not have the luxury of easy access to wi-fi, and home schooling was a huge challenge for them. Three students matriculated through the program this year.


Thank you once again to all the sponsors that helping in making projects such as these possible. There is still so much that needs to be done and we are excited for rolling out more projects in 2021. 

2019 in Summary

2019 was an incredible year for UKAJEDE! Read all about it in the summary newsletter. Click here for more

September 2019

Happiness Creche has a new look! We're incredibly proud to provide the teachers and children with this secure and safe structure. It was through the incredible support of Schauenburg International Group that this was possible. 

January 2019

The upgrade to Happiness Creche is nearly complete and the children are now in a safer, more comfortable environment that in the wooden shack that they previously used as a classroom and kitchen.

Ukajede - Happiness Creche Upgrade - 1.j
Ukajede - Happiness Creche Upgrade - 2.j

We have re-registered 19 learners into Balmoral College. Without the support of The People for Ukajede Foundation, these children would otherwise not be able to attend the school. Balmoral has achieved 100% matric pass rate for the last decade. These children are unfortunately raised under extremely difficult circumstances and this excellent educational opportunity gives them hope for a better future. We are very proud of these learners who are taking this opportunity very seriously and are working hard to achieve good results! This year 2 of the sponsored learners are in Matric and we are very excited for them.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

December 2018

We were incredibly appreciative of the initiative taken by Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre, Huddle Up, Santa's Shoebox and Busby Promo where eight of our creches were treated to stunning Christmas gifts to light up the children's faces. 

November 2018

We're overwhelmed as we announce that we've officially received the largest donation in UKAJEDE's history. Courtesy of Schauenburg International Group, we received R520,000 which will be used for various projects, such as building a brick structure at Happiness Creche for children who are currently schooled in a wooden shack, toys and stationery, as well as helping 19 children attend Balmoral College. Words cannot express our gratitude for this unbelievable gift! Thank you! 

Schauenburg Donation to UKAJEDE.jpg