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UKAJEDE Spring Update

Spring is here and the leaves are turning green. We’re so pleased that the cold is gone and our children can enjoy the outdoors again. We recently enjoyed Heritage Month in South Africa, and we feel that it is so important that our children stay true to their roots.

We celebrated in style by inviting the children to wear their traditional outfits. This month is all about remembering where you came from, and we can’t help but be amazed at how far our foundation has come because of the amazing support of our donors. With a simple vision of providing a hot meal to selected poverty-stricken creches, UKAJEDE now fully supports 8 creches in the east of Johannesburg.

Each creche is able to run independently with their own teachers, principal and various volunteers. Fresh food is delivered monthly and prepared daily by the dedicated staff. Through financial aid, we’ve managed to improve indoor and outdoor areas, including new ablution facilities and classroom structures.

While so much has been done - there is still so much to do! If you would like to assist our cause, please get in touch with us. Help us provide a healthy, effective and fun learning environment for our children. For more information on our foundation, and howto get involved, please visit

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